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How Babaji's Kriya Yoga in SRF Lessons as taught by Paramahansa Yogananda opens and heals our chakras, enhances self-esteem and freedom of thought, giving us greater mind awareness.

Human Trauma and negative programming ;

We have a tremendously deeply embedded electronic history
structured throughout our brains, nervous systems, and the
deeper level electrical astral fields of spinal channels and
Chakras that maintain the appearance of the human body.

These connections keep us believing that the relative world is real.
Or is the relative world simply another level of dreaming?
There is something here to be sure - but not even vaguely as it
appears to our limited sense perception and brain usage!
Many cultures have a name for relativity, that when
interpreted usually means "the deceiver, the harmer. "

These crystallized energy patterns are the powerfully subtle forces that
under the right conditions have major influences upon our behavior.
Unfortunately for most of us there are many areas of stress
and imbalance in these complex matrices and traumas.

The understanding of these Samskaras imprinted upon the
consciousness of our DNA and sub atomic energy matrix's
hold the key to all of our tendencies and dispositions and have
even shaped what parents we chose to be born through.
Psychiatric diagnosis, pigeonholing and prescribed drugs
does little to assuage problems that exist far beyond the
superficial molecular levels. Yoga psychology even in its
simplicity gets far better results without neg side effects.
The "system" enslaves us and carries serious price tags.

It is well acknowledged that human behavior is extremely difficult
to change, as we are all wired to these sub-level patterns of behavior.
Patterns that have emerged and accumulated from many lives in this world.
And much like your computer, the codes can be partly damaged
and may not work always work accurately, perfectly.
There may be a way to realign them all, like the re-installing of your
pc registry, which heals many subtle and complex problems.

In the religious world these constricting and pathological anomolies
embedded in our consciousness are referred to as "sin" or "maya."
Even though popular religions use such terms as "missing the mark"
to describe their sins, the real definition by function rather than by
language tells us that these "sins" are actually "trauma" patterns
established from actions/thoughts taken in this of former lifetimes.
Thus a more suitable term would be "leaving a mark."

It is the realigning/healing of these aberrant energy matrices that are
our best and quickest approach to removing the effects of Sin / aka Trauma.
Done properly, there are no negative side effects and the result of
applying Kriya Yoga sciences properly as the main healing method yields
tremendous life enhancing transformative results to individuals
who avail themselves of this rewarding lifestyle.
The practice of SRF Kriya Yoga actually does dissolve these trauma.

For those who only wish to dabble lightly in these matters, you may
prefer to work with colors, gemstones, astrology, sounds, and various
other methods which can help a little in balancing the chakras.
But for those who want serious and permanent changes in their personal
consciousness and growth.
 SRF kriya yoga meditation will take you much farther.
It will take you as far as you imagine possible.

Applying a variety of simple and effective techniques, performed
correctly on a regular basis, steadily and gradually removes/dissolves
these negative patterns from birth and cultural environments over a
period of time determined largely by the powers of concentration and
devotion of the practitioner.

The Science of Kriya Yoga: Its Methodology and Kriya Masters.

In its simplest forms beginning with Hatha Yoga Postures and or Self-Realization Fellowship Energization Exercises [isometrics], accompanied by dietary and postural improvements { the ridding of our diets of animal products, excessive carbohydrates and processed foods etc, we will see positive changes in our health and happiness.
Healing begins to take place on a gradual scale. This can be greatly accelerated with the practice of advanced meditation techniques as one may find in the SRF Lessons Course created by Paramahansa Yogananda.

But it is the practice of Yogananda's [Babajis] Kriya Yoga rituals and techniques that are especially powerfully effective in cleansing the consciousness, chakras and energy [pranic] channels of  any and all pathological energy patterns. The patterns of consciousness which may cause us to have distorted and limited views of our full potential.
The same patterns which under the right conditions cause some of us to do foolish and unspeakable deeds over and over again to our detriment. They cause us a great deal of error and suffering in life.

As Paramahansa Yogananda has so aptly explained in His acclaimed
spiritual classic, "Autobiography of a Yogi" by SRF Publishers
[only the orange covered editions are as the master ordered them to be],
the detailed instructions on exactly how to do these exercises are
available to the general public via a SRF Lessons course.
Again, this is not a matter of secrecy, {and prepare you first]
it is a necessity to protect new would be practitioners/devotees.
Lessons should be applied for though the Paramahansa Yogananda's
only church, "Self -Realization Fellowship, LA USA.[or the Yogada Sat Sangha branch HQ of SRF in India]

Again, these are not secret techniques, the main portion of which are sent
out to approved SRF Lessons students free of charge on completion
of a one year preparation correspondence course of modest charge.
This is the way it is - You don't give a non trained driver the keys to
your car and say "its all yours!" Without the Master's preparations
most persons [that includes YOU] would fail at this or distort it.
Likewise, if you really want the full benefits of this wonderful
healing and transformative system, it is in your best interest to
take the preparatory training before receiving Kriya Yoga.
Now, that is the way the Master laid it out - if you think you know
better than Him, maybe you would like to create your own
guaranteed to fail system!
Just think, if you are too egotistic to fully understand and try
out a proven system that will greatly benefit you, where are
you mentally, spiritually? Maybe you are not ready to even start this!

Too many persons, led by their blind egos often [like the drunk
driver] say, "Oh, I am ready to learn the most advanced techniques,
I don' t need and preparatory training/ practice."
If you are a person who lives in such a fantasy world of
psychological blundering and misapplication of where you
really are in life, that alone is great evidence that you are not
nearly ready to learn a great technique such as Kriya Yoga.
But rest assured, it is so easy to find a small teacher who
will teach you this yoga [sometimes improperly].

I can only give you my personal testimony that is does work,
that is harmless, and is the greatest self-transformative exercise
I have ever heard of or tested. It may not be for every seeker,
but for myself it has been so very effective in every way.

As a first step you should read Yoganandaji's "Autobiography of a Yogi,"
[orange cover edition by Yogananda's SRF Publishers]
and if you reread that chapter on Kriya Yoga many times [Which explains a great
deal about this sacred Kriya technique] you will then know its true value.

In the last 154 years this spiritual path has produced an extraordinary number
of super enhanced human beings. Its efficacy is well proven in the modern world.
The actual history of all this is very recent and well documented.
All the lifestyle concepts that accompany the teachings of this method
are common sensed and well balanced, compassionate and wise. It takes your
personal self-transformative development well beyond the psychic, spiritualism,
new age and occultism as generally understood. There is no channeling,
messages from the other side, idolatry, or hocus pocus.
And best of all, while taking us away from blind dogma we come to know
a peace and freedom, self-confidence and wisdom, ego mastery and
compassionate empathy well beyond all of our previous experiences.
The most centered and solid mind awareness! And the dawning of real bliss.
This is really living in the Now! Nothing brings us into the Real Now like
Meditation - especially Kriya Yoga Meditation as taught by Self-Realization
Fellowship /Yogoda Sat Sangha. re Paramahansa Yogananda Giri.
It is in great contrast to just following every ego sponsored desire without thought
of caring of consequences, then paying the heavy price for years and years.

Since the thing to do in this age to look up "Kriya Yoga Today" on the net,
you will find a lot of great claims by many groups/ teachers etc who are
trying to push their brand of Kriya Yoga. persons with their own agendas.
They will tell you a lot of things to hook you - like we teach the real kriya
yoga - more complete than so and so. We think that so and so changed kriya
and we will give you the original. [maybe you should be driving model T's]
They will tell you it is free and easy to receive right now - this is false and
dangerous [ they are all receiving donations - and you won't get it all right now.]
They will make you a leader and spiritual teacher very soon - but the truth is
that you won't be competent or ready to do this for years. They have web
sites stacked with seemingly grateful devotees who left other paths and now
they found something that works better for them. It also works in reverse -
many devotees have left their path and gotten better results - why is this??
The saddest of all are that so many imagine that "their guru" is an Avatar or
Paramahansa. Truth is these greatest of souls, greater than the saints of the
world [bless them all], come to earth very rarely - say once in hundreds of years.
So, why do you think you have found the world's best path? Until you have
been on your own new path many years and changed yourself a great deal,
you won't have the faintest idea what it is really all about! Take your time.

You will also find a few persons who are fearful of anything new and different.
This is where your first test comes into play!
It seems great to have a teacher beside you, what is the quality of that teacher?
The first lesson is this; "a teacher in a live physical body in not what we call
in Yoga "a living teacher." As he may still be spiritually dead as his accomplishment
in Self-Realization may lag far behind his easy talking about the subject.
Talk is cheap! Actions are truth revealing! Don't get swept off your wobbly feet.
Those who have mastered these methods of advanced yoga techniques by
reaching cosmic consciousness are the living masters[living Christs] - whether
in or out of the human body. They will work with you most effectively and you
will never become the victims of someones ego trip. They will show up in your
life only when you are ready, until then you are still in the preparation stages.
The photos of some of these Living Gurus are shown in the above photo.
There are many more from other paths not shown here.
There is a common illusion amongst many devotees of various spiritual paths
that their teacher must be a living guru, and even an Avatar no less.
These are the pipe dreams of inexperience for the most part. Even living
Gurus still in the body are quite rare. "You will know them by their fruits."

Progressing slowly and clearly is the safest way with the directions of the Guru.
So I seriously recommend taking your time to get the right preparatory training
by a reputable master [as compared to a celeb/popular teacher] and just
go one step at a time. You will surely achieve your goals and arrive safely
only if you are not sidetracked by tinsel and talk.

NOTE; this site is under construction
and more on this subject will appear from time to time.

by PYislove..............

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